Dec 25, 2013

New name, Optimal BPM.

Name change and GoDaddy anger       

Unified BPM has changed its name to Optimal BPM. 

Why? Because it is free, plenty better and more catchy: Optimal BPM - The beat of your business". :-) 

Also I got a not very good feeling concerning the future of Unified BPM, name-conflict-wise. However, QAL is still QAL and Unified Back End is still Unified Back End. (Because I still like that name and OBE was something else).

The Sourceforge project will change its unix name shortly.

A web site and wiki will surface instead of the placeholder at* soon.

GoDaddy is strange and does business like no other.

I tried to get the and .org address and turned to the GoDaddy buy services. For $69 bucks they'll contact the owner for you and does your bidding. 

However, even though the seller was claimed to be interested in selling, the seller never got back after I made my first bid. Of course, they've could of considered it too low or something, but they didn't get back with a counter offer.
Not even saying that is way too low. And now stuff starts to get weird.

I asked to get copies of what they had sent to the potential seller, I didn't need to know who it was, just what had been said.
Then they told me that they to give out "internal correspondence" unless they get a subpoena, which he recommended me to get! Holy bejesus, a subpoena?

The craziest about the entire thing is that:

1. There is no proof *whatsoever*, they haven't even bothered to fake some, that says they have even done *anything*.
2. The owner of the domain according to whois, is GoDaddy themselves. This means that there could very well be no counterparty at all. GoDaddy might actually bid with themselves! Like stock brokers used to clear in-house but still charge fees. But almost worse!

It is quite extraordinary that *anyone* would use such a service. Had I known, I would never considered it.

* Yes, I nicked the .com and .se as well.
  .SE? Please, I am a swede after all...

Aug 15, 2013

Back on track/Lots of changes

I have decided to split the project into three different projects.

From the bottom up, it will look like this:

1. QAL wants to try its own wings and have moved out, to .

The query abstraction layer is now a separate software package and I have made it available throug PyPI. At least python 3 is needed, install using
sudo pip-3.X install qal

2. Unified Back End, UBE, at , has been created. This is simply a matter of the Unified BPM node tree and EAV-model moving out. This because it's access layers and its database are a very generic designs that could be used in many software projects. It is how I, after 15 years of business database and software design want to persist my data. QAL is a dependency. As with QAL, it will soon be available through PyPI. As with QAL, at least python 3 is needed, install using
sudo pip-3.X install unified_back_end

3. Unified BPM. What is left is the system itself, which currently isn't all that much as most of its functionality is in the back end layers and prototype code.

3.1 Unified BPM Tools is not a part of the Unified BPM system, but part of the project. Soon, a scriptable data moving utility will turn up there.